What we do

We provide the largest aggregation service for sports betting data. We gather moneylines (odds) from well known and respected sportsbooks constantly and can provide the serious punter or the hobbyist bettor with all the information he needs.


Our data can be displayed and linked to your website by using our API service.


Regular smart punters that are on the lookout for the best odds and have a spread portfolio can use your service to discover where to bet on each outcome by browsing through our site. For those into arbitrage betting,you can frequently discover arbitrage opportunities in our pages too!

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Data analysts & Big Data

You can take a look at the historical data that we provide and try to make sense of the whole betting system. Our database includes many years of data gathering.


If you are interested in using our API please check our page on Mashape. This is a rate limited and FREE endpoint with optional (paid) advanced features such as results.

How it works

Our server parses all the websites of our supported bookmakers, analyzes the data,discovers new information and aggregates them here. All the data is up to date within a 10 minutes timeframe; our database is updated constantly. Be sure to check in regularly because we frequently add new bookmakers and soccer leagues.


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